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Pediatric Radiology

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Pediatric Radiology

Our Pediatric Imaging department is dedicated to helping children by using state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiological techniques which provides early detection of illness and the best possible treatment for disease and injury.

Under the direction of Kenneth Baker, MC, our highly trained staff works with children and their parents to assure that the special needs of our patients are managed with compassion, as well as, with the latest innovations in health care imaging.

Service is provided to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and the University of Florida Specialty Clinic.

Common examinations include X-rays of the bones or chest, CT scans, ultrasound, nuclear renal and bone scans, barium exams of the upper GI tract (barium swallow) and colon (barium enema), voiding cystourethrograms, fetal MRI, MRI, Fluroscopic procedures including fetal and congenital cardiac, congenital cardiac/vascular CT/MRI, and pediatric neuroradiology CT/MRI.